Trenching Services

Trenching is a method that we at LT Omega Projects (Pty) Ltd uses when digging narrow trenches in the ground for the installation, maintenance, or inspection of pipelines, conduits, or cables.

It is normally our mandate that our trenches are at such a depth of at least 800mm depending as well on what the clients require. We always try to do our things in an earthly friendly manner and by that we try not to unnecessarily dig very big holes.

We have qualified position holders’ who oversee our trenching works being done. We also build manholes and the duct pulling as well. LT Omega Projects (Pty) Ltd has about 5 teams of about 20 people that specialize in trenching and among the members in our teams there are people who specialize in the protection of other service providers for example water pipes, electrical cables and so forth. Our team also goes for medicals check-up every 6 months so that they are fit and strong for the necessary positions.

In every team there is a health and safety officer, firefighter, plumber (just in case we hita water pipe), pavers, tar reinstatement team, tar cutting, manholes and landscaping specialists.We are liable for all the damages that we cause to existing services, and we do our work with the approved wayleaves onsite. Whenever we do our trenching, we always make sure that we put adequate warning guidance and protection for motorists, pedestrians, cyclist, and workers from all foreseeable hazards. Our teams are our responsibility hence we make sure they put on Personal Protective Equipment and we use pikes with wooden and plastic to avoid electrocution in case we hit electrical pipes.

For efficiency we do inductions to our team members every morning for them to familiarize with the site. We have successfully negotiated, engineered, and managed contracts with Cybersmart, Telkom (via Corline and Huawei), Tiroweb, Vumatel, Mtelecoms, Frogfoot, Octotel, Metro fibre, Ampcor, Frogfoot (via principal contractors) and various other contractors.

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