Splicing and testing

At LT Omega Projects (Pty) Ltd we specialize in splicing, testing and fault finding in fibre optics networks. We have more than 5 years’ experience in the communications industry and work with leading providers including Telkom.

All work we do is carried out professionally, efficiently and cost effectively. We also have a sound background in copper and wireless technology that we tap into when necessary. We have sound knowledge of all types of connections including 3M, Krone, Lucent, Nexan, Tyco and others.

We supply the equipment necessary to undertake even the most complex of tasks. In addition to equipment, we have highly skilled professionals that ensure work is done right the first time. Our fleet is equipped for the most challenging jobs. All fibre work is carried out by trained fibre engineers who are certified by Fiber Optic Association (FOA) the international fibre certification body.

Services we offer

Specialized testing

* PMD: Polarization Mode Dispersion

* CD: Chromatic Dispersion

* OTDR: Optical Time Domain Reflectometer

* OTDR iOLM: Optical Time Domain Reflectometer with Intelligent Optical Link Mapper

* OLTS: Optical Loss Test Set / Max Tester

* Connector Inspection Probe

* Fiber Talk set

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