Tar Surfacing & Reinstatement

As Omega Projects we specialize in hand & machine-laid tarmac surfacing, for both domestic and commercial clients. We also offer full line marking services for both, internal and external applications.

Our surfacing services are of high quality maintaining high standards. We do surfacing on potholes, driveways, sidewalks, new and existing roads, parkways, road crossings.


We also handle all aspects of paving projects including planning the job, referencing grades, ordering inspections, “proof rolling” the site, completing the grading, manufacturing the product, compacting and striping. The company’s highly skilled and experienced paving team, including foremen that are all certified paving technologists, plan and handle all project details which prevent frustration, miscommunication and wasted worker-hours.

We have a team of qualified individuals who make sure that the service is delivered in a par excellent way that satisfies your expectations.

We do have the capability to reinstate all surfaces to a better standard and quality than what we initially found it in, we pride ourselves during this process and this is the signature to our professional approach on all our projects. Surfaces that we specialize in are Vegetation, grass, any paving brick types including interlocking types, concrete and tar.

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